Boogie's Brunch Bar

22 July 2019

Boogie from the Forth 1 Breakfast Show was on air talking about the problem that faces us all in the morning – coming in to work without your breakfast. Disaster! 

Tony called up to say that Stoats can help him with his very own snack bar, perfect to keep in your desk or have on the move.

With a little help from the listeners a winning flavour was chosen – dark chocolate, almond, cranberry and sea salt.

This bar is made with a vegan friendly recipe and is only 98 calories per bar! This lighter style of bar makes the perfect mid-morning snack.

Feel good whilst you enjoy this bar as 10% of total sales* will be donated to Cash for Kids.

Pick them up here

*Total sales made direct to consumer or trade from 10/06/19 - 31/08/19.