Variety Pack 60g Pots x16

Variety Pack 60g Pots x 16

Variety Pack

It takes all kinds of Stoats to make the world go round. Widen your taste horizons with our flavour-packed Variety Pack. Inside are 16 of our most wholesomely hearty Porridge Pots to keep you full and satisfied throughout the day.

£15.95 / each

Handmade with love in Scotland

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Wow these are amazing. I have started having these for my lunch, at less than £1 per pot, you cant go wrong. They fill me up and do not leave me bloated. Yummy - more flavours please

I’m an expert on porridge and these are in a different league! Discovered while visiting Scotland and brought a car full home.Just amazing and actually taste of proper porridge.Perfect flavours but my all time favourite is the original with a big spoon of honey.Can’t recommend enough.

2 Reviews
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