Mother's Day Five Step Crepe

23 March 2017
Breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? With our five step crêpe recipe, there’s no excuses for the family not to make this your reality on Sunday, even the kids can create this simple dish.

40g of Our Unique Scottish Porridge Oats (blended)

2-3 eggs


Pinch of salt

Toppings of choice: we used berries, honey, peanut butter and chocolate.


Blend oats until they are a fine, flour like texture.

Mix dry ingredients in big bowl.

Mix eggs and milk together and slowly add them to the dry mixture, stirring the mixture whilst adding the wet ingredients.

Spray pan with non-stick oil and fry your crepes until they are golden brown.

Pack with berries and drizzle honey on top. We added some chocolate chunks too.


Serving suggestion: add a bouquet of flowers and serve to mum in bed.